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New Applications for Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Banding

Update: 2014-07-30 20:41:48  Clicks: 9090

In case you missed it, there’s a whole new industry that is making a comeback in North America: oil. Recent advances in drilling technologies have allowed for more exploration and drilling on land and offshore. With the ability to drill deep wells, more investments were made and more companies began looking for oil reserves and building rigs to bring the oil up from undersea. In addition to offshore drilling, new technologies are also recovering more oil from conventional wells and from the oil sands of northern Alberta. The extensive Athabasca deposit is the largest in the world and contains crude bitumen. This heavy oil is thick and sticky and does not flow like crude oil.Crude bitumen is recovered using hot water or steam extraction processes.
Recovering oil, whether it is from the sea or from an oil sand, requires working in a challenging environment that is tough on the equipment. That is why in corrosive environments such as saltwater, and in the demanding weather conditions of northern Alberta,all materials must meet strict requirements for durability and longevity.
In conditions like these, it is a must that all wiring, control panels, monitoring and sensing devices be installed properly and securely. Our clients in the oil and gas industry rely on Lonyou’s stainless steel cable ties and stainless steel banding products to secure valuable equipment to prevent failure and downtime. They are the ideal solution for extreme conditions because they endurecorrosive environments, UV rays, and temperature extremes. Stainless steel cable ties and banding products have the strength and extended lifespan to succeed in difficult environments. They have been widely used throughout the oil industry for one very good reason: they work!
Contact us today to learn about the many industrial uses for our stainless steel cable ties and banding.

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