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Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Banding in the Marine Industry

Update: 2014-07-17 10:06:46  Clicks: 1919

One of the most prevalent applications of Stainless Steel cable ties and banding is in the Marine Industry, particularly for ship-building. Marine Vessels are built to withstand extreme temperatures, volatile weather, and rough seas. Stainless steel cable ties and banding are well suited for all these conditions.
Type 316 stainless steel is the most popular type cable tie and banding  used for marine applications. It is non – corrosive and particularly resistant to salt water corrosion. This type of stainless steel is also very strong, and has the ability to remain secure as the ship tosses back and forth on the seas.
 Within the ships, especially the large ones, are miles of cables running back and forth, sometimes from one end of the ship all the way to the other end:electricity cables, communication cables, navigation cables etc. It is imperative that these cables are easily identified by the crew and maintenance personnel.

Stainless Steel cable ties are often used to assist in labeling these cables.
 In order to keep the particularly heavy cables from moving around as the ship moves, they are bundled together and fastened to the structure of the ship.Stainless steel banding ideal for this application. Not only are they strong enough to keep the cables secure, but they are resistant to the vibration and constant movement of the ship, as well as the constant shift in temperatures.
 LONYOU's Stainless Stainless Steel Cable Ties are ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) approved and DNV (Det Norske Veritas) approved, which are recognized worldwide standards.You can use our stainless steel banding and cable ties with confidence as they have been tested for their reliability, strength and durability.

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