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Use of Stainless Steel Banding & Cable Ties in the Sign Industry

Update: 2014-07-12 21:59:18  Clicks: 1718

Stainless Steel Banding and Cable Ties are very prominently used in the Sign Industry because of their reliability, convenience and safety.  They are ideal forfastening signs to round or irregularly shaped objects as well as for use where it is unsafe to drill holes.
For example, on exterior steel or concrete utility poles or on interior structural pillars columns or beams, drilling holes can create extensive damages. Holes deface decorative surfaces and may also compromise a protective coating. They permit water to seep into the interior, risking structural damage from freezing or advanced corrosion. If the edge of a screw comes in contact with electrical wires inside of a pole, there is a risk of electrical shock to any passerby  that may lean on or touch the poles.
  Stop Sign 
Using stainless steel cable ties and banding eliminates these potential dangers as drilling holes is not necessary to secure the signs. It is also a lot less labor intensive to use stainless steel cable ties than to use a metal strut and threaded rod.
  Traffic Signal 
Stainless steel cable ties and banding are also ideal for street or parking area sign installations or in industrial facilities. On outdoor industrial sites, they are used for directional and safety signs and process equipment labeling. They are also used for bundling cables and organizing wire inside sign boxes as well as for overhead or underground power feeds to signs. In the food industry and in the agricultural industry, stainless steel cable ties are used for warning signs and equipment tags. They are ideal for these applications because they are detectable with scanning equipment, so they can be used safely for signs, tags and labels in food processing plants.
  Tower Numbers 
Stainless steel cable ties and banding are ideal for many of these applications because they are corrosion resistant, unaffected by UV rays and strong enough to withstand wind and vibration. They do not absorb water and do not support the growth of bacteria or mold.

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