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Advantages of Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Banding

Update: 2014-07-12 21:16:37  Clicks: 1797

One of the challenges electricians, industrial workers and maintenance staff in the commerical industry face is the ability to mount signs onto poles or other free-standing structures without first drilling holes through them. Though this method may efficiently mount the sign, there are many disadvantages. Electrical utility poles and parking area light poles generally have wires running through them, through which electricity is conducted. The Ontario Electrical Code stipulates that such non-electrical equipment is not to be interfered with.  Having the sharp edge of a screw coming in contact with electric wires could have very dangerous consequences.
Stainless steel cable ties and banding are able to securely fasten objects around square as well as round objects. Also, our stainless steel  mounting brackets are made with slots in them that the banding can be threaded through to safely secure the object.

  Temporary Signage 
Our stainless steel cable ties and banding can also be used for temporary installations, for example mounting seasonal decorations and signs. Decorations can be strapped on with stainless steel cable ties and cut off when they are not needed anymore without any damages to the structure to which they are being strapped.
With the use of our stainless steel cable ties and banding, there is no need to deface exposed columns or beams within a structure. By wrapping the stainless steel banding around the object and fastening, there is no damage done to the building. There is also no need to drill holes or cause any fractures that may weaken the overall strength of the building or create permanent damage over time.

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